• We seek to awaken the consciousness and share techniques for making decisions from a conscious mind.

  • The first step towards consciousness is awareness.

How it works:

  • No judgment or imposing: everyone has their rhythm and their path. A small step for someone can be a leap for others.

  • Three levels of participation. You can choose to participate in both or only in one of them: Core, Ambassador or Member.

  • Teal based structure: Horizontal organization based on the sharing of information and ideas to promote the movement in whatever way resonates with you.


No offensive content


No Trolling


No spreading of any copyrighted material


No spamming 


No advertising


Speak good, not nice


Three structures


1- Core: Those who decide to voluntarily participate in creating and implementing a global platform


- Structure-based on a centralised platform to share challenges, ideas and achievements.

- Online platform to share information: Web/Blog/App based.

- Facebook group to keep activation and create a community that can encourage each other.

- Monthly interviews that create monthly 21 day challenges.

- Co-Creation: open platform that gets impact and feedback from followers.

- Lead and encourage followers.

- Gather information ideas and suggestions from Ambassadors and Members.

- Members that decide to be core participate in gathering information and making the platform work


2- Ambassador: Those who decide to implement the 3WR in their local community.


- Members of the 3WR movement that have decided to implement it in their local community in whatever manner resonates with them.

- Teal based structure:

--For motivation, encouragement and learning teams of Ambassadors are invited to join in organizations of maximum 12 people that can share initiatives in their local community and hear what other Ambassadors are doing.

--Once a team reaches 12 people they are suggested to split up and gather 6 more.

--There is no rank among team members, the organization of meetings and any other role is rotatory so we create no vertical structures.


3- Member: Gets access to the platform and/or one of the Ambassadors and can participate in Challenges, Activities, Community, and learnings.