• Creating a world in which humans and nature exist in one unity that comprises the center of our civilization, as well as an economy that serves this unity.


  • Creating a civilization evolving from a reactive to a creative approach to life. 

  • Joining forces to create a collective intelligence that multiplies our ability to benefit each other, the human race and the wholeness to which we belong.

  • Welcoming anyone interested in our path, independent of how far he or she has traveled on a path to consciousness. 

  • Acting always in response to these three questions and principles: 

    • ​Who am I? Remain curious about myself and others while learning to love myself as I am.

    • ​How do I want to relate to others? Decide consciously how I wish to relate to others and act based on that decision. 

    • ​What relation do I want with my ecosystem? Decide consciously how I wish to interact with the space, environment, reality and nature surrounding me and act based on that decision.

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