About The 3WsRats

Our story

The 3WsRats is born as a result of an urge to grow personally, connect to others and be aware of the planet. This movement considers living consciously the key for the development in these three areas.

The 3WsRats is a way to reinvent how we do things in a collaborative approach. Ideas born from the users, spread by the users and business created by the community

Reaching millions around the world, the 3Wsrats connects determined leaders, creators, doers, and dreamers who are smart and passionate, always seeking out the full potential in every aspect of their lives.

The 3WsRats delivers heart and substance to a highly engaged audience across a variety of disciplines and business, culture and technology, being and doing

As the fastest-growing community that loves to innovate speaks to and represents the world, always sparking the conversations that matter most.


This movement aims to engage as many people as possible. 3WR is not about teaching and correcting others but about creating a path for self development and respect, based on small non judgemental steps. Respecting each person's rhythm and understanding of life.

The 3 fundamentals Whys came from a strong believe in:


1 Conscious of yourself


- Know yourself: A continuous journey to meet the person you really are, peeling one layer of the onion at a time.

- Love yourself: Be aware of your lovely perfections and imperfections. Evolve with kindness to yourself. You can only love others as much as you love yourself.

- Be yourself: Evolve into being connected to your true self and on purpose. Only then you can offer the maximum to the World.

- You are what you eat: Be aware of what your introduce in your body.

- 'Mens se na incorpore sano'. Look after your mind, look after your body.


2 Conscious of others


- Understand others: Evolve on how to communicate and understand each other.

- Be aware of others. We are not alone on this planet. Your freedom finishes where other's freedom starts.

- Interconnection: Evolve on staying there, being with and feeling others. Learn your reactive mechanisms and convert them to creation mechanisms.

- Listen 100%: Evolve into being genuinely interested in the beauty in others.

- Give others the space and trust to flourish to their full potential.

- Love others: Learn how each person likes to be treated and treat them how they like to be treated, not how you like to be treated.

- Serve others: Evolve from helping (making others small in front of your greatness) to serving (from equal to equal).

- Integration of the the masculine and the feminine in each one of us.


3 Conscious of the planet


- Eat-in a way that is less harmful / most beneficial to the planet.

- Travel responsibly: Make an effort to use the less impactful means of transportation.

- Use the energy resources you need: Be aware of what you need: WAIVE: Why am I using energy?

- Love the planet: Be as kind as you can to mother earth.

- Leave the planet in the best state for the next generation.